Details for Rock Community Cemetery (Atlas Number 7483000805)

Cemetery — Atlas Number 7483000805


Cemetery ID Number WE-C008
Cemetery Name Rock Community Cemetery
Additional Names Rock Cemetery, Rock School Community Cemetery
Directions East on SH 152 from Wheeler, turn north on FM 592. Proceed north 2.5 miles until you reach the Britt Ranch entrance, then turning right, proceed on dirt roads east until you reach Rock School House, turn right in a southernly direction and proceed driving the circular road until you now are headed in a northerly direction reaching a house on the left. Turn immediately on to a grass road located must north of the house. Proceed in a westerly direction to top of hill. Cemetery is at top of hill surrounded by fence
City Wheeler
County Wheeler
HTC Designation Date 10/7/2003
Size 109 ft by 217 ft
Number of graves 25
Burial Dates 1885 to 1931
Feature Type cemetery
Deed vol 510 page 507
Atlas Number 7483000805
Atlas Map Yes