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National Register of Historic Places Nomination Catalog

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  • Most Texas National Register nominations have been scanned and are available via the THC’s Historic Sites Atlas (not including restricted archaeological listings). This catalog offers advanced search capabilities of the THC’s National Register database.
  • Most files include the nomination form, photographs, and maps, as well as correspondence. Many of these files are large and may require several minutes to download.
  • The quality of each nomination varies and documentation may be outdated. NR nominations are generally not updated except through a formal amendment process.
  • Many NR listings – most notably districts – include multiple buildings, structures, sites of and objects, which are commonly classified as contributing or noncontributing to the significance of the property. The contributing status of any property can change as the result of alterations, the passage of time, and changing interpretations of history. Therefore, the contributing status of any property may be reevaluated by THC staff upon request.
  • Multiple Property Documentation (MPD) forms are documents used to nominate individual properties and historic districts with common characteristics, often thematic (“Rosenwald Schools of Texas”) or geographic (“Historic Properties of Waxahachie”). An MPD form is not a National Register nomination itself, but provides documentation to support the nomination of related properties through a Multiple Property Submission (MPS).
  • PDF copies of National Register files that have not been scanned are available upon request from the THC.