Details for Pakan Cemetery (Atlas Number 7483000505)

Cemetery — Atlas Number 7483000505


Cemetery ID Number WE-C005
Cemetery Name Pakan Cemetery
Additional Names
Directions From Shamrock, Tx go approx, 10 miles west on I-40 to Pakan Raod which is also 453, turn north. Go approx 3 miles to County Road X, turn East. Go approx 0.5 mile. There will be a pipe gate on the north side of the road. This is a private road. It is not marked. Go about 1 mile to the end of the road. The road ends at the cemetery.
City Shamrock
County Wheeler
HTC Designation Date 9/29/2016
Number of graves 53
Burial Dates 1905-2009
Feature Type cemetery
Latitude 35.285009
Longitude -100.423065
Atlas Number 7483000505
Atlas Map Yes