USDA Forest Service Individual Property Survey

This small survey, with fewer than 20 sites, includes information on bath houses, dining lodges, picnic shelters, and other recreational buildings/facilities in east Texas forests and grasslands. All sites were constructed in the 1930s, most by the Civilian Conservation Corps as part of Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal public works programs.

Data can be located in neighborhood surveys of Angelina, Fannin, Houston, Jasper, and San Jacinto Counties and is identifiable by the prefix "NRS-FSI" in the serial number at the end of each document.

What will I find?

Each document includes county, site number, and USGS quad number; associated forest/grasslands; factual or estimated construction date and date of additions; architect/builder and contractor; historic and present uses; property type, subtype, and stylistic influence; integrity of location, design, setting, materials, workmanship, association, and feeling; history of property; areas of significance; surveyor, date, and photo information; indication of National Register, Recorded Texas Historic Landmark, Historic Areas Building Survey, local or other designation; original or moved location.

Descriptive information includes notation of building faces, stories, plan, construction (frame, stone, brick, and color of stone or brick), roof (hipped, gable, or flat and materials), exterior (stone, wood or synthetic siding, brick, log, or other), number of bays, raised primary floor, symmetrical or asymmetrical arrangement, entry treatment, similarly detailed floors, other features, other primary facade features, other elevations; characteristic defining features; and serial number.

How can I use it?

Information from this survey may be useful for those with an interest in the following areas: 1930s public works programs, especially the Civilian Conservation Corps, rustic architecture, or recreational history.

What else should I know?

Only brief information on each site is given.